At Flora Park Garden Center, our mission is to create a space for the community to come together.  

We host a wide variety of events (See Events Below) featuring live music, free food trucks, and activities for kids of all ages.  In addition to funding these events, we also serve as a benefactor to several area nonprofits.   All of our revenue is generated from the sale of locally grown trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals throughout the season.  

         OPEN Memorial Day-- 10am-4pm

412-595-7412(Spring, Summer, Fall)

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Sunday  10-6                      

Monday  11-3    

Tuesday  10-6                         

Wednesday  10-6            

Thursday  10-6                         

Friday 10-6                               

Saturday 10-6                         


430 Corrigan Drive, Bethel Park, PA, 15102

Lectures & Events

Flora Park is constantly hosting a wide range of events, fundraisers, and activities! To view upcoming events, visit our Facebook page!